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Combative Pistol

General Public $600, On Sale now for $420!

Questions about the course itself, content, ect- Call Dave Jenkins 585-406-6758


June 4 - 5 (Tues-Wed) 9am-5pm


This course will be taught by David S Jenkins, one of 21 Certified Handgun Combatives Instructors in the USA. Dave completed a rigorous training certification course under Dave Spaulding, the founder of Handgun Combatives, in order to be able to provide this training. When you attend this course, you are getting the Handgun Combatives mindset, skills, and the benefit of over 60 years of combined experience purely dedicated to defensive firearms training.


The purpose of fighting is to win, not just remain in existence or survive – but to prevail! Nothing else is acceptable!


This course takes the handgun from a sporting, plinking, or recreational implement, to a tool of combat- to be ready and willing to fight if avoidance and evasion fail.


The purpose of this course is to build solid essential skills (grip, trigger control, body position, holster skills, reloads, malfunction clearances, etc.) and put them in the fight! Students will be trained to anchor and improve these essential skills under set time frames established in six (6) standards that will be shot during the course combining speed and combat accuracy.


This course is our doctrine, our flag ship, our foundation, how we at HC LLC think this should be done. Make no mistake, students will be pushed because when you face down a determined attacker, one must be resolute and confident their skills will work!


That is what this course is about – these are the skills required to end the fight!!


Required Equipment-

For this class, you will need the following items:

A quality defensive handgun (a spare is not a bad idea)

A quality duty or concealment holster

Three magazines (minimum) with pouches or two speed-loaders (revolver use) with pouches. More magazines if you have a gun that holds less than 10rds (5 mags)

Belt designed to support gear

800 rounds MINIMUM

Eye and ear protection

Billed cap

Clothing for weather conditions

Water for hydration

A folding or camp chair is recommended

A concealing garment

Personal First Aid Kit (PFAK)

Any personal gear you prefer.


General Public $600

Questions about the course itself, content, ect- Call Dave Jenkins 585-406-6758

Combative Pistol

$600.00 Regular Price
$420.00Sale Price
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