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Image by Jay Rembert
Concealed Carry Refresher

So many have taken our Concealed Carry Courses but want to work more on the drawing/reholstering as well as getting more experience on the range. 


In this 1 Day Refresher, we will work more on our safe and effective draw from concealment, get more dry fire time in before we go to the range. Once on the live fire range, we will spend time shooting on steel targets to work on increasing our speed while maintaining safety as well as spending time on the paper working on our accurancy, especially at longer distances. 


We will end with the qualification course of fire, to show you how your skills have improved and create a bench mark for future training.


Students are strongly encouraged to use their own holster, magazines, ammuniton and handgun. Multiple magazines with a total capacity of 60 rounds or more is strongly encouraged to cut down on the amount of breaks needed to reload while at the range. 

Concealed Carry Refresher

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