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Day 1 8am-5pm

Day 2 8am-5pm


Want PTP to fill out your application and schedule your appointment with DC Metropolitan Police Dept for you? Additional $200


Classroom time will consist of learning firearms safety rules, different types of handguns, parts of a handgun, fundamentals of shooting, and disassembly/reassembly/cleaning of a handgun. You will also learn about Maryland firearm laws pertaining to firearms & self defense. You will also learn D.C. Law as many people may find themselves in D.C. from time to time.


Hands-on Portion will consist of disassembling/reassembling/cleaning handguns, learning the different tyoes of holsters available, practicing the safe/efficient procedures to draw & reholster, as well as shooting on the range over 50 rounds of ammunition.


**There are NO prerequisites to this training. You DO NOT need to have your own firearm, nor holster, nor ammunition. If you have your own, you are welcome (and encouraged) to bring it but not necessary.**


Have a question? Give us a call or text at 240-925-5788


Information will be sent out to students within 1 week of the start of the training


Participants who successfully complete this training will receive their D.C. Concealed Carry training documentation. Only those pre-registered via our website will find out the exact location of each class, and no earlier than the Monday prior to the course.


**There are NO prerequisites to this training**


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  • PTP maintains a Zero Refunds policy on all of our services. All sales are final, but we do allow rescheduling.

    Pay the appropriate rescheduling fee here and once our staff confirms receipt- we will reach out to you directly to see which scheduled date/location works best for you.

    Why rescheduling fees? Simply to encourage registrants to attend their registered event and if needing to reschedule- we'd rather train you now as opposed to 5 years from now.

    To reschedule the first time, there is a $40 rescheduling fee. To reschedule the second time, there is a $60 rescheduling fee. To reschedule the third time and any additional rescheduling is a $80 fee. This is regardless of the cost of the training.

    1st time $40

    2nd time $60

    3rd time+ $80

    Additionally, if it has been more than 1 year since your originally scheduled class- there is an additional $20 fee.

    Over 1 year- $20 fee

    Over 2 years- $40 fee

    Over 3 years- $60 fee

    Over 4 years- $80 fee

    Over 5 years- $100 fee

    If you are not sure, please let us know. We will verify how many times you have had to reschedule/ how many years it has been since your originally scheduled course anyways as well.

    All rescheduling fees are waived for members of our PTPGun Club.

    Reschedule here

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