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*Basic Handgun *Fingerprints, Photos and Add On Certificates

If you have any questions- please feel free to call or text Amanda at 240-572-9891


We are so excited to have you all join us for training this week. At class, you will gain the training needed not only to own and use a handgun safely/legally- as well as your Maryland Handgun Permit (to Carry a Handgun).


This opportunity can also be used to do so much more- like apply for your concealed carry in other states. What you need to know.


No single concealed carry permit is good in all 50 states (unlike a driver’s license is) that’s why so many people tend to get multiple concealed carry permits. You can add these individually or get them altogether in a package to save more money.


Maryland Concealed $250

Virginia Concealed Carry $50

Arizona Concealed Carry $50

Florida Concealed Carry $50

Utah Concealed Carry $75

DC Concealed Carry $50

ALL 6 (MD/D.C./UT/FL/AZ/VA) $400


FD-258 Ink Card $25 each: Ink cards are for those who are applying for these states. These are NOT able to be used for FL. If getting VA you will need (1) FD-258. UT requires (1), AZ requires (2)


Livescan Fingerprints (Maryland) $90 each:

-If applying for your Maryland Handgun Permit (Needed to carry a handgun openly or concealed in Maryland) you will need (1) Livescan Fingerprint Set


ADD-ONS: If your class does not include VA, AZ, UT and FL you can add on that certification here. Many students opt to purchase additional certificates to expand the number of states they can carry in. The certification for each is $50 each. Or if you choose to have us apply for you- we will give you the certification for free. To apply for any one of them, that is $250 (which includes fingerprints, photograph and application fees as well).


We also will have the required passport style photos available as well. Passport style photos (both digital and physical available) are $25 a set of 6. These prices save you both time and money. One order of passport style photos will meet your needs for all of these concealed carry applications.


If you have any questions- please feel free to call or text Amanda at 240-572-9891

*Basic Handgun *Fingerprints, Photos and Add On Certificates

  • We offer no refunds for Add On's.  

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