PTP will be hosting our next Gun Buffet on Saturday June 6th. This event is open to the public but is free for our PTP Club Members ( ). 2 tickets for individual plan holders, 4 for family plan members. 1 extra ticket for those with an annual plan (whether individual or family). What is a Gun Buffet? Participants will have the unique opportunity to shoot over 50 handguns, 12 shotguns, 16 rifles provided by PTP. You can shoot as much or as little as you'd like. We will have thousands of rounds of ammunition on hand. Also participants may bring their own guns and ammunition to fire as well. We will have paper and steel targets to be shot. Preregistration is required. Non-members can register here, members can email the member services email to be added to the list. The location is a private venue in LaPlata, the exact details to be released to those registered on Monday June 1st in a private email.The event will start at 8:45am with coffee, donuts and a safety brief. 9am starts the gun buffet where participants can fire a wide variety of firearms including rifles, pistols, and shotguns provided by PTP. Ammo fired from our guns, eye and ear protection will be provided. We will have a booth for participants to fire their personally owned firearms. At 12pm lunch will start at a nearby but separate location. 12pm the range officially ends. The all-you-can-eat lunch will include Maryland's finest BBQ from Texas BBQ & Ribs, Twin Kiss of LaPlata, sides, sodas and ice cold beer (for those of age) included. Feast to end by 2pmSpots are limited. Preregistration required. Venue private.

PTPGun Buffet

  • Often times our classes are hosted at private facilities. PTP only releases exact location details to registered students the Monday prior to any PTP event in a private informational email. We do this for reasons of security, crowd control and proper planning of each event.

  • PTP maintains a Zero Refunds policy. All sales are final, but we do allow rescheduling. To reschedule the first time, there is a $20 rescheduling fee. To reschedule the second time, there is a $40 rescheduling fee. To reschedule the third time and any additional rescheduling is a $60 fee. This is regardless of the cost of the training. 

    All rescheduling fees are waived for members of our PTPGun Club.

    Reschedule here 

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