Handgun Level -1:Our Handgun Level -1 course lays the foundation for the combative deployment of a handgun in a defensive context. Topics addressed in the course include but are not limited to safety in a 360- degree environment, fundamental marksmanship, gun-handling, combative draw, shooting from retention, reloading, and malfunction clearance. This class will be a prerequisite for Handgun 2 (soon to be released).
Format- 1 day (8 hours w/ a one-hour lunch break)Pre-requisites- Attendees must have attended at Maryland Wear & Carry or D.C. Concealed Carry training with PTP. This will be verified. You can complete pre-requisite between now and the Handgun 1 course.
Cost: $200Class
Size: 20, 2 relays
Course Specific Equipment:
-A reliable handgun (Full Size or Compact recommended)
-Four magazines (if you are using a revolver, I recommend four or more speed-loaders, speed-strips, etc)
-A Sturdy nylon or leather belt specifically designed for carrying a pistol
-A quality holster. Leather, Kydex or injection molded holsters are acceptable with or without a security devise.  Black Hawk SERPA holsters or other holsters with retention devices activated by an extended trigger finger are specifically prohibited for safety reasons.  Shoulder holsters are also prohibited.  All holsters must be rigid enough to retain their shape for re-holstering and have some means of physically attaching to the belt. A strong side outside the waistband holster works best for this course but other carry positions and methods are acceptable.   
- At least one quality magazine carrier (two or more are preferred).  
- 350 rounds of quality ammunitionTraining is outdoor, we don't cancel training due to weather. No refunds, no rescheduling on this as the instructor is being flown in and limited availability.
Pre-requisites- Attendees must have attended a Maryland Wear & Carry or D.C. Concealed Carry training course with PTP, OR Active Law Enforcement/Military 

Handgun 1

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