Lessons Learned: High Profile Firearms Cases

2020 was a year of tumultuous and high profile firearm-involved cases.  In the modern world, often the nature of the threat which is being defended against has evolved from a one-on-one encounter to defense against a mob.  Yet laws and prosecutors have not caught up. 


Come spend time with U.S. LawShield and Attorney Gilbert Ambler ESQ. as we review some of the recent highly publicized cases and extrapolate data that can be used in your daily lives. While the law in every state differs, these high profile and media covered cases contain lessons that you can use.  This event will run for 1-2 hours with a Q&A portion at the end.


Feb 20 Hollywood, MD 5om-7pm

$20, Pre-registration Required. FREE for PTPGun Club Members, email your member services rep Branz.

Lessons Learned: High Profile Firearms Cases


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