Available to men & women. Residency NOT Required** This 16 hour event (2 Days) is for those that work in the real estate industry and wish to protect themselves by way of a concealed handgun. During this in-depth handgun training students will start with the firearm safety rules, basic parts/nomenclature of a Handgun, different types of handguns, the fundamentals of shooting, review of laws related to handguns and self-defense in MD, and drawing/holstering techniques.

Students will also complete the live-fire training as required by the Maryland State Police. During this portion you will become proficient in the safe and effective way to draw a holstered firearm, engage your target and register. Students who successfully complete this training will receive their MD Concealed Carry training certificate(Wear & Carry). Students will also be able to use these 16hrs of training as partial credit towards their D.C. Concealed Carry(additional law/range training is required). We also will have the required fingerprints and passport style photos available for purchase on site.

Due to high demand for additional training certifications, we have added the option for registrants to add UT/VA/FL/AZ training certifications to their purchase. These individually would usually cost over $220, but with PTP you can add them to your Realtor Concealed Carry training for only $100. Why would someone want that?Those states issue permits to non-residents, and with those permits you would be able to legally carry any many more states than just Maryland.  Already registered?Many have already registered prior to this being available, but don't worry- you still can take advantage of this great one-stop-shop offer. Go to the registration page and add just the additional certifications, for the Date/Location tab just put NONE. 

Maryland Real Estate, Concealed Carry Seminar

Additional Certifications
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  • Often times our classes are hosted at private facilities. PTP only releases exact location details to registered students the Monday prior to any PTP event in a private informational email. We do this for reasons of security, crowd control and proper planning of each event.

  • PTP does not issue refunds but you may reschedule for free at anytime by emailing us at scheduling@ptpgun.com

    If you are a no call- no show, you surrender your class fee (Unless a PTP Club Member).  

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