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Have questions? Call or Text me at 240-925-5788


Day 1 8am-5pm

Day 2 8am-5pm


Instructional portion will consist of learning firearms safety rules, different types of handguns, parts of a handgun, fundamentals of shooting, and disassembly/reassembly/cleaning of a handgun. You will also learn about Maryland laws pertaining to firearms & self defense.


Hands-on Portion will consist of disassembling/reassembling/cleaning handguns, learning the different types of holsters available, practicing the safe/efficient procedures to draw & reholster, as well as shooting on the range over 25 rounds of ammunition.


**There are NO prerequisites to this training. You DO NOT need to have your own firearm, nor holster, nor ammunition. If you have your own, you are welcome (and encouraged) to bring it but not necessary.**


Have a question? Give us a call or text at 240-925-5788


This course meets and exceeds the requirements for the Maryland HQL (Handgun Qualification License, no additional cost) which you are required to have in order to purchase a handgun in Maryland as well as the meeting the requirments for the Maryland Handun Permit which is required to carry a handgun in Maryland. Upon successful completion of this course,students will obtain the training certifications for both MD HQL (FREE) and MD Carry.


By the very nature of the MD Carry training, it meets and exceeds the training for MD HQL. We do not charge anything extra nor do anything extra for MD HQL. If you already have your MD HQL, it does not affect how we do the training nor what we charge.


Seperately, Live-Scan fingerprints and Passport Style Photos are available on site at the beginning of class


Want us to complete all your paperwork for you in an accurate and timely manner? This will include the necessary livescan fingerprints, passport style photos and application fees.


Information will be sent out to students within 7 days of the training.


Only those pre-registered via our website will find out the exact location of each class, and no earlier than the Monday prior to the course.


**There are NO prerequisites to this training**


Have questions? Call or Text me at 240-925-5788 or 240-572-9891


$400.00 Regular Price
$300.00Sale Price
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