Handgun/Shotgun Buffet

PTP will be hosting our next Firearms Buffet event Saturday April 24th in Lusby, MD. This event is open to the public and free for our Club Members ( https://www.ptpgun.com/plans-pricing ).


Preregistration is required by all.


Non-members can register on this page. Members can email the member services email to be added to the list. The location is a private venue in Lusby, the exact details to be released only to those registered on Monday April 19th in a private email.


The event will start at 9:45am with coffee, donuts and a safety brief. 10am starts the handgun/shotgun buffet where participants can fire a wide variety of handguns and shotguns provided by PTP. Ammo fired from our guns, eye and ear protection will be provided. 11am participants can bring out their personal firearms.


WHAT IS A GUN BUFFET? We have a wide variety of handguns and shotguns available for participants to try out. From large to small, semi automatic to revolvers, AR-15 5.56NATO pistols to Rifles that shoot 9mm. This is a GREAT opportunity to see what you like and don't like, get first hand experience with so many different firearms in one setting.


WHY IS THIS EVENT SO EXPENSIVE? If you have paid attention in the last 12 months, ammo prices (if you can find it) are through the roof. We have been busting our tails for months to acquire the thousands of rounds needed in order to put on an event of this magnitude. It wasn't a cheap nor easy indeavor, and it is going to be even more expensive of an endeavor to replace the ammunition expended at this event.


THAT BEING SAID, PTPGun.com Club Members get a hell of a bargain.


Individual Members:

-Monthly, 1 free ticket. Member discount can not be used for anyone else, as that only is a benefit to the individual member. Annual, 2 free tickets. Member discount can not be used for anyone else, as that only is a benefit to the individual member.

Family Plan Members:

-Monthly, 2 free tickets. 20% off any additional tickets for your immediate family members-Annual, 3 free tickets. 40% off any additional tickets for your immediate family members


We do special events like these throughout the year for our members. Register for your membership today at the following link https://www.ptpgun.com/plans-pricing


At 12pm the cook-out will start at a seperate spot on the same property. The all-you-can-eat will be prepared on site- sides, main courses, sodas and ice cold beer included (only once all firearms are secured and for those of age). We will conduct the door prize giveaways (one for members, one for non-members), a handgun and shotgun giveaway at 1pm as well as make some announcements to the members. Cook-out to end by 2pm. Spots are limited. Pre-registration required. Venue private.

Handgun/Shotgun Buffet

  • Often times our events are hosted at private facilities. PTP only releases exact location details to registered students the Monday prior to any PTP event in a private informational email. We do this for reasons of security, crowd control and proper planning of each event.

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