Basic Handgun(BH): This class is for ladies only, mature female teenagers permitted.

AM: 8AM-12PM

PM: 1230PM-5PM


$110 discount for attending the ones without HGB (Handgun Buffet)

During this 5 hour course, you will learn about the firearms safety rules, different types of handguns, basic parts of a handgun, how to take one apart & clean it, and the fundamentals of shooting. We will also go over firearms laws of the state in which the course is being conducted. This will be a great opportunity for ladies to come together to learn how to protect themselves or their families in a comfortable, pressure-free environment from experienced instructors that are understanding and not overbearing. When held in MD, this class come with the training certificate for the Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL) which is needed in order to purchase a Handgun in Maryland. When held in VA, comes with VA Concealed Carry training certificate.


HB indicates our Handgun Buffet will be included. What is a handgun buffet?Classes with a handgun buffet will have the option to handle and shoot all of the handguns that we have available.  Participants have the option to shoot each gun in our collection as many times as they'd like over the duration of an hour. 


Only those pre-registered via our website will find out the exact location of each class, and no earlier than the Monday prior to the course.

Women Only

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  • PTP maintains a Zero Refunds policy. All sales are final, but we do allow rescheduling. To reschedule the first time, there is a $20 rescheduling fee. To reschedule the second time, there is a $40 rescheduling fee. To reschedule the third time and any additional rescheduling is a $60 fee. This is regardless of the cost of the training. 

    All rescheduling fees are waived for members of our PTPGun Club.

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  • Often times our classes are hosted at private facilities. PTP only releases exact location details to registered students the Monday prior to any PTP event in a private informational email. We do this for reasons of security, crowd control and proper planning of each event.

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