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Women's Pistol 1 & 2

General Public $200!


July 20th (Saturday) 8am-5pm

Leonardtown, MD


**This is not a highly advanced class but IS NOT for those with no experience. If you have taken a 2 Day PTP concealed carry class, this is the perfect next-class for you.**


This course is taught by Matt Watson of Tactical Operations Consulting of Northern Virginia. 

Matt Watson is an experienced instructor in firearms, close quarter battle and tactical medicine. He has served as the Lead Instructor for Basic and Advanced SWAT schools for a Northern Virginia regional police academy having trained hundreds of officers. He has created and taught Active Shooter programs for several law enforcement agencies in Virginia. Mr. Watson spent 12 years as an instructor for the Department of State's Diplomatic Security Service teaching Firearms, CQB, Defensive Tactics and High Threat Protection. He is currently a reserve deputy in Virginia.


Women’s Pistol 1 Course
This half-day course is to help new and experienced shooters become more comfortable
with pistol shooting and develop their skill sets. The first half of the course will be spent
in the classroom answering questions and discussing the safety and handling of firearms.
The focus is to make the shooter more informed and more comfortable with a pistol. The
classroom portion will be followed by live fire drills conducted on a closed range so only
those people in the class will be on the range. The topics that will be covered include:
- Firearms Safety and Proper Storage
- Cleaning and Maintenance of a pistol
- Loading and Unloading
- Fundamentals of Marksmanship
- Defensive Firearms Use


Women’s Pistol 2 Course

This half-day course is to build on the basic skills learned in Women’s Pistol 1. The
entire course consists of basic and intermediate shooting drills to help develop a solid
base in pistol marksmanship. The course will be conducted on a closed range so only
those people in the class will be on the range. The topics that will be covered include:
- Fundamentals of Marksmanship
- Defensive Shooting Techniques
- Drawing and Firing
- Scenario-based shooting drills

Required Equipment:

Your carry handgun

Proper holster made for your specific make/model handgun
Eye Protection (wrap-around style)

Ear Protection
Pistol* 300 rounds of ammunition
Three magazines, but the more the better (If using a magazine-fed system)
Cold/ Wet Weather Gear (as appropriate)

Brimmed hat
Notebook w/ writing utensil

Water/ Snacks
Cleaning kit

Closed-toed shoes

Class Size: 12 students max

Times: 8 am -5 pm

*We have a limited number of pistols available to use on a first-come, first-served basis.
Please let us know if you would like to use one.

Women's Pistol 1 & 2

  • ZERO Refunds. This is with a premier instructor that travels the United States to hold these courses. There is no rescheduling

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