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Carrying in a Virginia bar

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Can you carry a handgun into a bar or restaurant where alcohol is served in Virginia? Yes, yes you can.

Per Virginia law, you cannot carry a concealed handgun into such an establishment though and consume alcohol while on premises, Class 2 misdemeanor.

Virginia law doesn't explicitly prohibit the open carry though while consuming alcohol but does go on to say that it is illegal to carry while intoxicated. To be found guilty of this violation is a Class 1 misdemeanor.

VA Law

But don't worry, Virginia has exempted federal, state and local law enforcement from these legal requirements.

As always, I do generally recommend that you don't consume alcohol while carrying a firearm- regardless of employment. Have I happened to share a quick beer with others after a funeral for a buddy while carrying? No, of course not- let's be reasonable.

Tomorrow, I will be sure to post a blog article on Maryland law regarding this topic. Be sure to become a site member and subscribe to our website for more informational articles.

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Carrying in a Virginia bar

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