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Glock 43, Field Strip Friday

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

I’m Ryan Gass here,, and today, I’m going to show you the field stripping of this Glock 43. Before we field strip any firearm, we want to double-check to make sure the firearm is unloaded. So, we’re gonna go ahead, drop the magazine, set it to the side, double-check the chamber, and make sure it’s clear, and we are good to proceed. Now, let’s move into the field strip.

We’re going to pull that slide back, and we’re going to let go. Next, we’re going to take our thumb and have it under the tang of the grip, we’re going to rip our fingers around the top, squeeze down a little bit, and bring that slide back. While the slide is back to the rear like that, we’re going to take our thumb and our middle finger, and we’re going to grab on this take-down lever. It’s the same on both sides. We’re going to take our thumb and our middle finger- and we’re going to pull down that piece, we’re going to hold it down, and we’re going to release the slide forward.

Now, we set the frame to the side, and we’re gonna deal with our slide. We’re gonna take our spring and spring guide, we’re gonna compress it just a little bit, we’re gonna pull it up and out of the firearm. We’re gonna take our barrel, press it up, pull it up and out of the firearm, and then we have our slide itself. So now, we have our slide, our barrel, our spring and spring guide, and our frame. From here, the firearm is now field stripped, and you can do any type of cleaning or maintenance you might need to do to the firearm.

Now, let’s move back into reassembling the parts to the firearm. We’re gonna start with the slide, and we’re gonna drop the barrel in, muzzle first, set it into its place. You’ll notice that the barrel sticks out about a millimeter or two. That’s perfectly normal. We’re going to take our spring and spring guide. You’ll notice that there’s kind of a longer, fatter end, and there’s a shorter skinnier end. We’re going to take the longer, fatter end and insert it into the slide, near the muzzle, and we’re going to compress that spring on the rear, so that it’s going to get caught in the bottom lugs of that barrel. From here, we’re going to go ahead and put this slide right side up. We’re going to go ahead and take and insert the rails on the middle, almost middle, to the front half of this slide right here. We’re going to take those rails and insert them into cutouts, here on the rear bottom portion of the slide. We’re going to insert it, we’re going to keep it matched up as we pull it to the rear, and let go.

Now, we’re going to get into function-checking the firearm and make sure that we properly put it back together. So, we’re going to go ahead, point in a straight direction, we’re going to go ahead and pull that trigger. Let go. We’re going to pull the slide back, let go, and then pull the trigger again. Pull back, let go, and now this time, when we pull the trigger, we’re going to pull the trigger to the rear, and we’re going to hold it to the rear. Holding it to the rear, we’re going to go ahead and pull the slide back and let go. We’re going to release the trigger until we hear and feel that click. Then, we’re going to proceed and pull the trigger again, hold it to the rear, pull that slide back, and let go. Release the trigger to hear and feel that click again and then let go of the trigger. Now, with this, we have field stripped and reassembled our Glock 43.

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Thank you all again!

Remember to stay safe and, as always, Train. Defend. Prevail.

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