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PREMIUM Concealed Carry Training in Maryland


PTP Member, Individual

20% off all training, events, fingerprints and much more...



PTP Member, Individual

20% off all training, events, fingerprints and much more...



PTP Member, Individual

20% off all training, events, fingerprints and much more...


Shall NOT Be Infringed

When the founding fathers ratified the 2nd amendment in 1791, they gave the people the right to defend themselves. At PTP, we are continuing the conservation of law-abiding citizens right to safely own firearms and defend themselves. We do this by teaching students about proper firearm usage and ownership in a non-intimidating, safe environment. 




Maryland’s Leading Veteran-Owned and Operated Firearms Training

In August 2015, Ryan Gass established Practical Training Professionals with the mission of providing Maryland citizens with adequate training opportunities to learn and hone their firearms skills. His aim was to help law-abiding citizens exercise their 2nd Amendment rights legally and safely.

Since its inception, Practical Training Professionals has been true to its mission of providing certified Maryland firearms training. Today, it has become a leading name in the space and is relied upon by its students for learning proper firearm usage and ownership to defend their families and themselves.

What Our Firearms Training Entails

The primary goal of all our courses is to provide our students with the best possible education and training in all aspects of handling, using, and storing firearms. We offer Maryland HQL (Handgun Qualification License), Maryland Wear & Carry License, DC Concealed Carry, as well as the training certifications for Florida, Virginia, Utah, and Arizona.

All our courses have a balanced blend of classroom and hands-on sessions to give you an all-around firearms training. Whether you want to learn the fundamentals, master the art of concealed carry, or become a competitive shooter, we have courses to help you accomplish your goals.


"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."


Our Training Philosophy

Handling a firearm responsibly and decisively is the best way to deter an attacker, prevent disastrous accidents, or protect yourself if everything else fails. Our experienced trainers help gun owners become knowledgeable, trained, and confident in operating firearms with noticeable improvement in their marksmanship.

We don’t just train you to use a firearm. We also help you connect with fellow learners and gun users in the community and participate in firearms-related conversations.

Our Team

Our founder and chief instructor, Ryan Gass, is an honorably discharged U.S. Marine having five years of service experience. He holds multiple certifications from different organizations and agencies, including the United States Concealed Carry Association, Maryland State Police, District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department, Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification, Delaware Attorney General’s Office, and National Rifle Association. He was also a former Combat Marksmanship Coach for the United States Marine Corps.

All our other trainers are veterans and bring their on-field expertise to train our students in the best possible way to help them mitigate threats and protect lives.

Whether you are new to firearms, haven’t used your handgun for long, or have had years of experience, we can help you begin or renew your long-term ride with firearms.



  • Do your training locations offer parking facilities?
    Yes, each of our classroom locations offers sufficient free parking. However, parking facilities for firing ranges can differ based on the range.
  • Are your classroom and hands-on sessions handicap-accessible?
    Yes. All our on-site classrooms (including private facilities where we host our classes) and partner ranges are handicap-accessible.
  • Where do I find information on getting a General Wear & Carry Permit in Maryland?
    You can visit to get all the information you need.
  • Where do I find information on getting a HQL in Maryland?
    You can check