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Maryland Handgun Qualification License 

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

The Maryland Handgun Qualification License is required in order to purchase handguns in Maryland.

To obtain one, you must complete the required training provided by a Qualified Handgun Instructor certified by the Maryland State Police, training offered by PTP. Register at the following link

During the training, students learn an array of related topics including firearms safety rules, different types of handguns, parts/nomenclature, assembly and disassembly, cleaning, fundamentals of shooting, Maryland law related to firearms, safe storage, and more. As required in law, students must load, discharge, and unload one live round.

In addition to training, you must also obtain livescan fingerprints- also available on site at all PTP classes. The state of Maryland requires you to have these done again regardless if you have ever been fingerprinted before or have a security clearance. Why? Money. The state cashes in everytime a livescan is conducted. It all comes down to money. Don't like that, let you elected officials know your feelings.

Maryland Handgun Qualification License

After obtaining your training and livescan fingerprints with PTP, you will need to go to the following link ( ) and make an account on the Maryland State Police website. Once logged in, you will then apply for your HQL Standard.

Once you have applied, on our end we will have to go into the Maryland State Police database and verify your training. As of right now, PTP students are receiving their HQL in their hand between 5-7 days after applying online.

Once you have your MD HQL, you can go into any Maryland firearms dealer to make your next purchase. If you opted for our Handgun Buffet at your training, you have a pretty good idea of what you will be shopping for.

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