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Maryland Live-scan Fingerprints

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

It's 2021 and many people have had background checks done on themselves- whether for a job, a security clearance, volunteer position, firearms licensing, and much more.

In Maryland, that is often done utilizing Live-Scan Fingerprints through the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services via CJIS (Criminal Justice Information System). Sometimes this service is offered by some local sheriffs' offices but throughout the 2020 flu outbreak, many agencies opted to leave this service up to private providers like to fill that need. We have this service available at most of our courses we provide at locations throughout the state of Maryland including LaPlata, Mechanicsviille, Brandywine, Solomons, Annapolis, Easton, Salisbury, Ocean City and Baltimore.

Maryland Live-scan Fingerprints

Regardless of how you obtain these live-scan fingerprints, they are only available for one time use and valid only for 30 days, initially. If you submit your application after 30 days of being livescan fingerprinted- MSP may tell you things such as "we don't have you in our system", "your livescans are messed up", "we did not recieve your fingerprints", ect. What that means is you must call CJIS and request that they redisseminate the results to MSP.

Maryland Live-scan Fingerprints

This can be done up to 365 days of being livescanned.

We also offer the required passport style photos (digital for Maryland Carry, physical for all other states) and the FD-258 ink fingerprint cards needed for VA, UT, and AZ. You don't have to take our training in order to partake in these services. You can register for your fingerprints by clicking HERE.

With that being said, through the years of offering concealed carry training throughout Maryland, we have found several students coming back through our One Stop Shop- Premium to have us complete their applications for them because they procrastinated way too long, letting their training and fingerprints both expire.

At our One Stop Shop- Premium you get the training, fingerprints, and passport style photos needed in order for our staff to assemble and send off your applications for you. This ensures your application is thorough and submitted in a timely manner. We take the stress and worries off you by allowing our experience staff manage the paperwork that can be frustrating, overwhelming and seemingly impossible.

Maryland Live-scan Fingerprints

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