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MD 77R Forms, MSP's new attempt to further tread on your right.

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

As many Maryland gun owners know- it isn't easy to buy a handgun in Maryland. Your elected officials do not want to see more firearms in the hands of good people. But many do not realize that politicians are not the only ones making gun ownership so difficult. Not only do you have to obtain your HQL and do the standard state/federal background check forms, but you also have to fill out a 77R (since 2013).

MD 77R Forms, MSP's new attempt to further tread on your right.

As was announced in October, the Maryland State Police Licensing Division made an unnecessary requirement (that isn't explained in the application) that on the 77R Form you must fill out for every handgun purchase, they ask your Occupation. In the past, it has been acceptable to put simple things such as "Electrician", "Entrepreneur", "Engineer", ect. But now they require you to be specific (without noting that requirement in the 77R). Instead of Entrepreneur, I would now need to put Owner of Practical Training Professionals LLC. Instead of putting Electrician, you need to put Electrician for ABC Power. Instead of Engineer, put Mechanical Engineer for NAVAIR.

Why? No body has been able to explain the logic. But what we do know is it isn't a simple fix. And they will not contact you to let you know. They will instead deny your 77R on the 7th Day and you will have to learn via your own research what you did wrong and then resubmit your 77R correctly and then again wait another 7 Days.

This is back door gun control. A right delayed is a right denied. And this is yet another example of that in Maryland. Maryland State Police Licensing Division could care less about customer service nor your rights. If a private company conducted themselves in such a manner they would be out of business. But next year MSP will without a doubt ask for more of your tax dollars.

Yes, this policy change by the bureaucrats at MSP has been around for 2 months now but we wanted to put out a friendly reminder as people call us often still because they are unsure why their right was further denied.

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