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Ruger LCP (Gen 1), Field Strip Friday

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Ryan Gass here,, and I wanted to show you the Rugor LCP, First Generation, and share my thoughts on this firearm. The plus about this firearm is it’s very concealable, very small frame firearm. It can be in a holster, it could be in your pocket, if you so choose. We’ll talk more about that later. It’s very easy to have this firearm, and no one knows that it’s on you. Some other things about this firearm though – since it’s very small and I have a little bit larger hands than even the average male, I can’t get a complete good grip on this firearm. I can’t establish my finger on that magazine at all, so I lose that as well. Also, the sides are very low profile. It’s very hard to find these sides when you present them to the target. It also has a very long trigger pull. So, you’re here, right? All the way back, all right? Let go, all the way back, all right? And actually, right there, I thought you feel a click right there, that’s not all the way. If you pull back now, it won’t actually go up by the pull.…go all the way and then pull back, so it’s kind of tricky to really know and understand and learn this trigger in order to properly be able to use it. It’s chambered in 380 ACP, and it only holds six. I’m sure there’s an aftermarket out there that can hold a little bit more.

I’ve met people that love this firearm, and there are people that I found that can be accurate with it, but that’s not a large majority of the population. Also, a lot of people like the firearm. They think they like it from feeling it and seeing it, but when they go to shoot it, they notice that it has a decent amount of kick for the size of firearm that it is. This is shooting a 380. My Glock 17 here shoots a nine-millimeter, which is very very similar. A lot of people refer to 380 as being a nine-millimeter short, but this firearm has the same air kick as this large full-frame gun, and yet, I cannot get as good of a grip on this fireman. This firearm is a good purchase, but notice when I get my grip on this firearm, how quick and how close to the muzzle my firearm is. That can definitely present a safety issue when I go to draw and fire that firearm, and my fingers are in front of that muzzle right there, near it. That’s gonna be a bad day. So, something you really need to think about when you go to buy a firearm is that you don’t want to just buy a firearm and hope that it works safely for you. Whether it’s this firearm or others, make sure that you’re doing your research. Make sure that you get experience with it before you just go out there and spend money on these. These aren’t crazy expensive, I think. I purchased this one a couple of years back for about 300 bucks. Not bad, you know? But there are firearms that are a little bit more expensive and can give you a lot more value that I personally like a lot better. I don’t carry this firearm. The smallest firearm that I carry, at least currently, is my Glock 43. Obviously, it’s gonna be a little bit larger than this. It has very similar capacity, but it’s a little bit larger. So, I can get a complete grip on that firearm and have better control. So, that’s what I’ve chosen when it comes to a small discrete compact firearm for concealed carry, but we are going to do more videos with this firearm.

We’re going to actually get it on the range, compare it to the Glock 43 Smith & Wesson Bodyguard as well as other small framed firearms and try to show you all what the differences are when it comes to these firearms so that you can have a better shopping experience and use these firearms for concealed carry.

For more videos on the LCP as well as many other firearms, be sure to check out our YouTube channel here, Firearms Training. To find more videos we’re going to come out with in the future, hit that subscribe button as well as the notifications bell. And as always, make sure that you Learn, Defend, Prevail.

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