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S&W .40S&W VE, Field Strip Friday

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Ryan Gass here,, and today, we’re going to show you how to field strip this Smith & Wesson S&W 40VE.

Now, before you field strip any firearm, you want to double-check, and make sure the firearm is unloaded. So, we’re going to go ahead, pick the firearm up, or hit the magazine release on the left side by the trigger guard here, take that magazine out, set to the side, double-check the chamber, make sure it’s good to go, and we are clear and ready to proceed.

To proceed into the field strip, we’re going to pull that slide back, and we’re going to let go. We’re going to go ahead, and we’re going to pull the trigger. Now, from here, we’re going to grab hold of the firearm with our thumb at the tang of the grip, and we’re going to wrap our fingers up over the slide and squeeze just a little bit to bring that slide back, just a little bit. Now, with it back like that, we’re going to take our thumb on one side, our middle finger on the other, we’re going to grab on this takedown lever. It’s spring-loaded, and it’s held in the up position. We’re going to have to grab it from both sides. We’re going to pull it down. We’re going to hold it down, and while it’s being held down, we’re going to release that slide, and the slide’s going to come off. Now, from here, we’re done with the frame, and it comes with a field strip. So, we set the frame to the side.

The slide assembly. We’re going to go ahead upside down. We have our spring and spring guide. We’re going to compress that just a little bit. Let me set it to the side. We’re gonna push up with our finger. We’re gonna get that barrel up and out of there. Set that to the side, and then we have our slide. So now, we have our slide, our barrel, our spring and spring guide, and our frame. From here, you can do any type of cleaning or maintenance you might need to do to the firearm.

Now, let’s go ahead and proceed back into reassembly, and it’s going to be the same thing you did to disassemble for the field strip, and it’s going to be the same thing but in reverse. So, we’re going to take our slide upside down. We’re gonna drop our barrel in, muzzle first. It’s gonna set into its place, the barrel is gonna stick out the muzzle about a millimeter, so that’s perfectly normal. We’re gonna take our spring and spring guide, and we’re gonna drop that in. You have a flat end, and you have a kind of small, more pointed end. We’re going to drop the more pointed end into the front of the frame, near the muzzle. We’re going to compress that spring just a little bit, it’s getting caught in the lug of that barrel. Now, we’re going to re-set that upside down, right side up, we’re gonna take the frame the rail here. We’re gonna insert that rail into the cutout of the bottom of the slide here. We’re gonna take that, we’re gonna insert that in, we’re gonna keep it matched up, we’re gonna pull it all the way back, and we’re gonna let go.

Now, you’ll notice when I did that actually, it’s kind of good that it happened this way. Sometimes, it’ll happen like this way where you don’t put the gun back together exactly properly. You’ll see how this spring guide is kind of sticking out a little bit. All I’m going to do to fix that is I’m going to kind of manipulate a little bit, I pushed a little bit against it, and it realigned itself.

Now, we want to go ahead and do a function check on this firearm to make sure that it’s still put together properly. So, we’re gonna pull that slide back and let go. We’re gonna go ahead and pull the trigger. We’re gonna pull that slide back, let go, pull the trigger. We’re gonna pull the slide back, pull the trigger, and hold the trigger to the rear. While holding it to the rear, we’re gonna go ahead and pull the slide back and let go, and then we want to let go of the trigger slowly until you hear and or feel that click. Once you hear that click, the trigger has been reset. You can now apply pressure to the rear again, it’ll go off. Again, we’re going to go ahead and hold it to the rear, pull the slide back, let go and release that trigger. Now, we’re going to go ahead and just double-check to make sure that the firearm operates with the magazine as well.

Again, we’re going to pull back, let go, pull that trigger, and now we have field stripped and reassembled our Smith & Wesson S&W 40VE.

If you have any particular firearm you would like to see us field strip, be sure to click on the comments below and let us know what you would like to see done. We may have already done it, or we may not. If we haven’t, we will make sure to make that video for you.

Thank you all again!

Stay safe and remember to Train. Defend. Prevail.

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