Security Clearances & Carry in Maryland

What do security clearances have to do with carrying a gun in Maryland? Those with security clearances qualify for their Maryland Permit to Carry a Handgun. We have lead the way and helped many obtain their Maryland Permit to Carry a Handgun using clearance from Secret to Yankee White and above.

If you have a Top Secret or above, you will get a letter from your security office simply stating such. Secret Level clearance holders also can and have received their permits to carry, just a little more involved of a process. We will help you craft a letter articulating why you need your Maryland Permit to Carry a Handgun. Once you have that letter, we can then submit your application packet.

No we do not charge hundreds or thousands of dollars to do this. No you don't need a lawyer for this process. Much like an oil change, any able bodied person can change the oil in their vehicle. Some chose to pay others to do it due to their deciding not to learn or they simply do not have the time- but it will cost you more.

Same here. I have learned the process in depth and continue to stay updated on any changes. I don't have an expensive piece of paper hanging on my wall that will pay of in a couple decades, hence why you do not need to take out a mortgage to afford our services. This premium application assistance is a benefit of our PTP Club Membership, as well as live-scan fingerprints, amongst other perks.

Some stay with us throughout the application process, many chose to stay due to the free training courses and legal defense coverage that comes with their PTP Membership.

No matter when you decide to take the step to better defend your family, make sure to gain the time tested and proven training offered by PTP Firearms Training, Maryland's leading provider of firearms training.

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