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Thanksgiving Advice for Gun Owners

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

On this Thanksgiving, we wish to provide some words of advice for those that live in Maryland or other states with Red Flag Gun Confiscations.

Thanksgiving Advice for Gun Owners

Every family has a crazy, that one member that hates inanimate objects like firearms, or simply someone that strongly disagrees with you politically but takes it to extreme levels.

Advice: if you can- avoid these persons altogether. But if you have to be around these persons, don't open your mouth. These persons can twist your words and outright lie to law enforcement, resulting in your firearms being stolen from you legally by the state and your life negatively affected forever. This isn't a joke nor exaggeration.

Thanksgiving Advice for Gun Owners

Be smart, be safe. If you get an unexpected knock on the door the following morning, call your lawyer before you ever respond or open the door. If you are a U.S. LawShield member, call the red number on the back of your membership card. Click here for more information

Happy Thanksgiving! 😉

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