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VIDEO: Jose and Koddie - Bushido Defense

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Jose and Koddie

In this episode we sit down with Jose Segovia and Koddie Lowery of Bushido Defense out in Oregon.

Jose and Koddie are our first husband and wife training team that we have had on the show that actually train together! Normally one spouse is the trainer and the other does the admin work, like selling classes or printing certificates; not Jose and Koddie. They are both active in the training arena.

Jose and Koddie bring a combined knowledge set from military, law enforcement, and martial arts into their training regime. They emphasize the Warrior Spirit. they expect from their students a will to fight, win, and survive and stress that a gun is a tool - you are the weapon.

Bushido Defense fundamentals are:

1. Consider the possibilities- are you ready to take a life? Are you ready to lose yours?

2. Physical - understand not only the physical aspect of operating a firearm, but your own physical state as well.

3. Mental/philosophical - tune in to find out!

To find more about Bushido Defense, find them on Instagram @bushidodefense here

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