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VIDEO: Lee Weems - First Person Safety

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

VIDEO: Lee Weems - First Person Safety

We recently sat down with Mr. Lee Weems of First Person Safety and the show "That Weems Guy" here on the Practical Training Podcast.

Lee has been in the firearms industry for decades and is well known and respected.

He instructs across the Country but primarily in the Eastern regions surrounding Georgia.

Lee's three big fundamentals are:

1. Accountability

2. Be reluctant to deploy deadly force

3. Everyone imagines themselves as the hero; understand you may lose the fight

To find out more about Lee Weems and First Person Safety, please visit his website here:

We now post all of our videos on Rumble when they are better exposed and we can eventually get a Return on our Investment, something that will never be possible with YouTube.

To listen to That Weems Guy Podcast just search it on any podcast player; he is everywhere!

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