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Why I joined Practical Training Professionals.

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

I am new to the company. Before I joined the PTP team, I saw their signs everywhere I went. That’s when I started looking into the company and who was behind it. It is a veteran-owned company. They really care about training people on the safety and use of firearms. This company does not believe in just the signing of the required documents. They take the training seriously.

There is enough humor to keep the class entertaining without taking away from the training. After taking one of Ryan’s (Founder of PTP) courses, you will have a better understanding of the laws and requirements when it comes to firearms.

I am an Air Force veteran and worked armed security in the past. Even still, I learned some new things in PTP’s class. Ryan will explain all the laws for the state you are in and answer any questions to the best of his knowledge. He helped me understand the process of getting an HQL and what is required to get a Permit to carry. Before I talked to Ryan about what I needed to do, I was overwhelmed with the lack of viable information about laws on carrying a firearm in Maryland. Also, there is a lot of misinformation. Many people think they can’t apply for a concealed carry permit. They also don’t think it will be easy to apply for the HQL. The training at PTP explains all the requirements and helps you get the process going. They make the process easier to complete.

PTP cares about citizen’s right to safely own firearms and defend themselves. They offer courses for handgun qualification license, Maryland concealed carry, and Utah/multi- state concealed carry. They also have some specialized courses that run at certain times like the woman’s only basic handgun training, First aid for gunshot wounds, and Class 3 NFA. They also offer a PTP club. This club is a membership that has a lot of benefits. You get discounts on all gear and classes. You get free Md Live-scan fingerprints with the membership. It also offers private invitations to member exclusive free events.

This company cares about your right to own and carry a firearm. They will train you and help you apply for your permit. When you leave one of their courses you will feel better about being a safe gun owner. When you sign up for one of our courses, let them know Michael Q. sent you.

Why I joined Practical Training Professionals.

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