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Different types of Hollow Points.

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

When you go to buy hollow point ammunition and realize there is more than one type. Buying ammunition can get confusing. Just hollow points alone have many different types. Not including the different types of ball ammunition. Something to take into consideration, what caliber and type of gun are you buying for. You might buy one type of hollow point for hunting with a rifle and a different one for your pistol. Also, what distances are you going to shoot? This can affect what type might be better.

One type of hollow point is the Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP). A JHP is a jacketed bullet with a pit or bowl in the nose. This is also one of the more common types of hollow points used.

Another type of hollow point is Federal’s Hydra-Shok. This is a jacketed hollow point with some changes. Federal notched the jacket of their hollow point. They also added a center post in the hollow area. This was done to create a more reliable expansion and deeper penetration of the bullet.

Then there is polymer tipped hollow points. They are jacketed hollow points with a polymer tip installed. The plastic tip was added to improve the longer distance travel of hollow points. The polymer tip hollow point also is easier to chamber in guns that don’t like to chamber normal hollow points. Additionally, it allows lever action rifles to have a more accurate round. Before polymer tipped rounds, lever action guns used rounded tipped rounds. This made them less accurate.

Those are just three examples of different types of jacketed hollow points.

When buying hollow points, each type has their benefits. Take into consideration what you will be shooting at and what you are shooting it out of. The polymer hollow point is the preferred choice for long rifles. They allow for better accuracy, while still providing the hollow point impact. Ultimately, I recommend buying a small box of different types of hollow points for your gun. Then go to the range and fire the different types. Figure out what type your gun feeds and chambers most reliably.

Different types of Hollow Points.

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