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Hollow Points VS Full Metal Jackets

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

When buying ammunition, it is a good idea to pay attention to what type of ammunition you are buying. Also, what are you using that ammunition for? Full metal jacket is a bullet that has a soft metal inside, with a harder metal exterior shell. This allows the bullet to retain most of its shape and velocity on initial impact. The hollow point bullet still has a soft metal inside of a harder metal shell, but with a hole in the tip. This is intended to allow the bullet to start expansion sooner. There are multiple different types of hollow points that will change the rate of expansion.

When selecting a round to load for self-defense, consider one of the four main firearm safety rules. Be sure of your target and what is beyond it. If you must defend yourself, that last thing you want is for your round to pass through your intended target and hit someone else. The hollow point is designed to expand upon impact. This will create a bigger wound cavity and allow the round to slow down faster. The hollow point can still pass through a person, but the chances are lower. The full metal jacket will most likely pass through the target and continue traveling. Ideally, when defending yourself you only want the person or animal you are defending against to be the receiver of your bullet.

I personally have hollow points loaded in my self-defense weapon. When target practicing, I mostly use full metal jackets. I will load hollow points near the end of target practice. It is always a good idea to practice shooting what round you will use in your gun. Different types of rounds will react differently in the gun. You want to be familiar with the way the gun will react and where the bullet will travel. Next week I will talk about different types of hollow points. Always educate yourself on the tools you use. The more education you have, the more effective you are at that tool. Come over to PTP GUN and sign up for your next class ( or call me at 833-278-7486 Ext. 701.

Hollow Points VS Full Metal Jackets

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