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Smart Guns

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

New Jersey just signed four new gun control bills this week. One is to make smart guns more available in the state. Smart guns are designed not to fire from an unauthorized user. They are trying to make it a requirement for every gun store to have at least one smart gun available for sale. This will be the start of a trend that would not be good. Soon the state will make smart guns the only guns you can own. Eventually, other states will follow, and the United States will adopt this technology.

The smart gun, in theory, sounds like a promising aid to help eliminate children or thieves from using your gun. The problem is, will the gun reliably fire when it is required. The current smart gun takes longer to draw out, aim, and then fire. This will present a big problem. When you must defend yourself, the time it takes to fire your weapon can save your life. Every second matter.

Another issue is, relying on technology to allow you to fire your weapon. Think about this scenario. Your sleeping in your bed and you hear your front window break. Then you hear footsteps rushing to your room. When the intruder comes into the room, he has a gun in his hand. He raises it to shoot at you and you go to fire your smart gun and it doesn’t fire. Do you think the intruder will wait to shoot at you until your gun recognizes your fingerprint or RFID? Eliminating as many variables as possible is important. We still have problems technology that has been improving over the years. How many times have you tried to unlock your phone with your fingerprint, and it does not recognize you?

Another problem with smart guns is cost. Currently, it cost three hundred dollars more than a comparable standard gun. For most people, the rise in cost will drive that gun out of their price range. If this technology ends up on every gun, then all guns will become harder to afford. With higher gun prices, fewer people will be able to own a gun just because of cost. Instead of raising prices and making guns harder to shoot, we should reinforce training on gun safety and how to use the gun correctly. While it shouldn't be required at all, education can go a long way. I believe lawmakers should take proper training on firearm safety and tactics, to be properly educated on a topic before attempting to infringe upon one's rights. A great place to get quality firearms training is Practical Training Professionals (PTPGun).

Be sure to join our website here and follow me for weekly blog posts on various 2A related topics. Comment below, let me know- would you trust your life and the lives of those you love with this technology?

Smart Guns

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