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Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Today, the push for gun control is getting stronger. If this continues, you will have to perform a background check just to grab your gun from your safe. Every time a new gun control law gets passed, it pushes us closer to guns being taken away completely. The interpretation of the second amendment keeps changing. One minute it is only meant for a militia, that isn’t “needed” anymore. The next, they say the second amendment is outdated and does not apply to modern firearms.

Starting July 1st, Californians will have to have background checks and authorization from the California Department of Justice to buy ammunition. The new law part of Proposition 63. This allows the state to keep track of and restrict how much ammunition the person is buying. Not only does this make the process of buying ammo longer, the buyer will have to pay a fee for the background check. The buyer must pay a one-dollar processing fee every time they buy ammunition. If the buyer is not already in the database, they will have to pay a nineteen-dollar fee.

In Virginia, they are fighting to ban a certain type of firearms. Also, they are trying to ban silencers and limit ammunition magazine size. They are also proposing to allow law enforcement the ability to seize firearms from someone deemed a risk. There is a lot of fight against gun control in Virginia, but gun control is gaining strength. If it continues to gain strength, Virginia will have gun control laws as strict as Maryland.

With all the gun control talks and changes in gun laws, its tough to stay up to date with what is legal. This can turn law abiding citizens to become criminals with out even knowing. As a gun owner it is important to stay involved and keep up with the current laws. An example of this is Maryland’s firearm carry laws. There are people in Maryland that want to carry a firearm and can do so, but they think they can’t. There are thousands of Maryland residents with a "Good & Substantial" reason to carry a firearm that has been used by many others in obtaining their MD Permit to Carry a Handgun. One of the most popular ones that accounts for so many with their permit- having a security clearance.

Those that qualify then need the certified training course(available at, livescan fingerprints, passport style photos (both available on site at PTP classes) and apply with the state police. PTP Members enjoy not only free livescan fingerprints but also premium assistance with their MD Wear & Carry application. Register at the following link and let them know Michael sent you.


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