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How Much Does Maryland HQL Training And Permit Cost?

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Maryland HQL Training And Permit Cost

HQL Training Cost in Maryland

Several MSP-approved providers of firearms safety training classes offer bundled classes where they meet and exceed the requirements for the Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL) that you need to have to buy a handgun in Maryland. With these courses, you are likely to get your HQL training certification for free. The pricing for these bundled HQL training courses can vary from one training class provider to another and is usually a few hundred dollars.

Most HQL training providers need you to reserve your spot by paying the course fee in full or with a certain deposit amount, where the rest is payable in class. Typical forms of payments they accept are cash and credit/debit cards, but a few may even accept checks and money orders.

It’s important for you to choose Maryland HQL training courses that don’t have stringent prerequisites. For example, some courses may ask you to bring your own firearm, ammunition, and holster. It pays to get enrolled in a training course that doesn’t ask for such things but says you are welcome (and even encouraged) to bring your own firearm, ammunition, and holster if you have them.

HQL Cost in Maryland

Live-scan fingerprints required for your Maryland HQL application typically cost $90 and will be usually made available at the beginning of your training classes. Some training providers offer this service at an additional fee, but if they don’t, you will have to get it done on your own.

As an HQL applicant, you will need to provide certain information to the livescan technician for fingerprinting, such as Agency authorization, ORI number, and the reason for getting fingerprinted.

Certain application fees are applicable when you submit your live scan electronic fingerprints. The application fee for an original HQL is $50, while renewals and duplicates come at $20 each. The application fee for an original handgun permit is $75. The application fee for subsequent handgun permits and handgun permit renewals cost $50 each. The application fee for the replacement of your handgun permit also costs $10.

If you plan to get multiple certifications while applying for your Maryland HQL and undergo training courses designed for multi-state, the amount payable could be a few hundred dollars. You can come to Practical Training Professionals (PTP-Gun) to get perfectly priced, comprehensive training and obtain your Maryland HQL without hassle.

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